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A word to embrace

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Artist: Namfon P.
Location: Vientiane, Laos
Age: 17
"A world with hopes, dreams and without any fears is a world I can adorably embrace. The sun will always shine above when nations are united. Bright colour of laughers and smiles will be painted in all areas creating the world a liveable place. However these dreams would never happen if our world still possesses nuclear weapons, the powerful tool in destroying all our hopes. Nuclear weapons had created massive problems which are now still remains a big hole inside everyone’s mind. Even though, there are still hopes to change this world. I like to take Polaroid pictures of people with smiling faces, trees, houses, pictures that give a kind of warmth feeling when I look at it. After all, there are still the feelings of losing these beautiful things, when every morning I can see and hear tragic news about conflicts between nations because of the nuclear weapons. I cannot imagine that one day the precious memories I captured would became just my yesterday dream."

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