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The children of today know what nukes are. The children of tomorrow shouldn't have to.

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Artist: Imren K.
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Age: 16
"The usage of nuclear weapons and the exposure to their heinous damages has ensured the suffering for many future generations. It is never fair for future generations to suffer for the mistakes of the previous ones. Children are the innocent victims of the mistakes of the past and the present. Through the playground and the innocence of the children I tried to reveal how it is within our power to make their lives better by removing all that insinuates violence. The children that play with toy-guns, or are climbing over a grenade formed hill do not realize their real meaning, and they should not have to, either. They should be able to live a childhood, freed from the devastating implications of nukes, which are hard enough to bear for grown up people. A world without such destructive objects is not merely imaginable, but achievable if only we would try."

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