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Artist: Erika Patricia C.
Location: Lima, Peru
Age: 16
"Is a dream of hope, a hope that many would be willing to give his life to see them fulfilled in a common world as others, but with one difference, a place to shake hands countries and continents, forgiveness comes and you hear the most beautiful melody within a dwelling so small and spacious. poor, but immensely rich, bathed in light, with the fireplace lit, exuding a myriad of colors that go up and up coming to disappear in the distance the sky, sentiments expressed by many of the men who laugh together without discord or alteration, sharing a single heart that glows.Hope grows and disappears, but keeps the secret most beautiful of all, a secret that is in the palm of the hand, she is the wonder desired, depends on making a change or make the first move and the day can do considered the labor of life may raise high the banner of peace and happiness will understand the purpose of our existence."

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