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The World of Peace and Harmony

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Artist: Prinsa S.
Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
Age: 13
"I have tried to imagine a world free of nuclear weapons. Without the weapons the world would be a much happier place to live in. The peace harmony is indicated by various symbols in the painting like white poppy, symbol of peace, rainbow, picture of Buddha, Christ and Mahatma Gandhi, children enjoying and singing, beautiful nature and children throwing of weapons in the dumpster. The colored pigeons carry the peace message from different continents led by a white pigeon flying over the horizon carrying the olive leaf and the message of peace.
Finally, maintaining the peaceful environment is in the hands of people of all the countries and races, which is represented by black and white hand and at the base the flag of different countries represent their responsibility to maintain the peace of the world. Similarly the people from different countries on top joining hands, represents the harmony of different countries is necessary to make “The world of Peace and Harmony”."

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