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The Two Faces

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Artist: Adrian C.
Location: Nuevo León, México
Age: 16
"This drawing represents how the world is affected both positively and negatively by nuclear developments.
The nuclear reactor represents the production of nuclear power, which can be used for good things, like a clean source of electricity, or bad things like the production of nuclear weapons.
The skull and the dark tree represent death and fear, and the damaged house represents hurt people and destruction.
The kid with the kite represents freedom, happiness and hope, and the city in the landscape represents progress and prosperity.
There are two suns which represent that no matter where nuclear weapons are used, all the people in the world are the same even though we have different aspects and ways of thinking.
The missile represents how nuclear weapons are taking over control of the world, and the rainbow represents peace, that is trying to keep itself there while opposing the missile from continuing in its way."

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